Argentinian Police Officers Fired After Blaming Rats for Eating Missing Marijuana

Mice blamed by Argentine Police Officers for 540 kilograms of missing cannabis (Image via Youtube)

Eight Argentinian Police Officers were fired on Tuesday after blaming mice for eating 540kg (1,191lb) of marijuana in a police warehouse northwest of Buenos Aires.

Argentinian investigators sounded that alarm in April last year that more than half a ton of marijuana was missing from an evidence inventory of six tons of marijuana in Pilar, a city approximately 56 km outside the capital of Buenos Aires, the local Pilar de Todos reported.

To defend themselves, four police officers told a judge that rats ate the missing pot, local news outlets Pilar de Todos and Clarín reported.

Citing experts, the defense used by these police officers, who were accused of not properly protecting evidence, was dismissed.

“Mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food,” a spokesperson for Judge Adrián González Charvay said, citing experts at Buenos Aires University. Even if they did, “a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse.”

Judge Adrian Gonzalvez Charvay (Image via Diario Norte)

The police officers will now testify in front of the judge on May 4.

This is not the first time, this line of defense has been used.

U.S. police in Kansas said also accused mice of eating through evidence bags of marijuana in 2013.



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